29 Nov, 2012 |
Charge up your life with solar sunflowers and other eco gadgets
From bamboo pens to clockwork torches, eco store stocks green products
Pens made from bamboo are among the most popular items at the eco store

Sunflowers that use solar power to charge your mobile phone and pens made of bamboo are flying off the shelves at COP18/CMP8 Doha “eco-stores”.

Other popular items on sale at the stalls inside the Qatar National Convention Centre and Qatar Sustainability Expo, being held at the Doha Exhibition Centre, include water-powered clocks, solar-powered pedometers, and clockwork torches.

The eco-stores have been set up by the Qatari Ministry of Environment to encourage people to lead more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

They will be open throughout COP18/CMP8, the UN Climate Chance Conference taking place in Doha until December 7.

The sunflower charger, which costs 299QR ($80) , has a solar panel in place of the sunflower head.

If left in the sunshine, the device can store enough energy to power a mobile phone or other devices that use a USB port for up to a day.

Their attractive design means they look great when placed next to a window. The bamboo pen, another top-selling item, is more environmentally friendly than wooden pens because bamboo grows incredibly fast.

John Chongo, part of the Zambian delegation to COP18/CMP8, said: “These items are interesting considering they are solar powered, especially if you consider the amount of power you can save.”

He added that, even though Zambia does not have as much sunshine as Qatar, he can still use these items in his home country and they can also be used all over the world.

The eco-store at the QNCC is in the Blue Zone in front of Meeting Room 3 and there are two stores at the Qatar Sustainability Expo.


Pictures by James Hollo, Volunteer Photographer


By Amna Al Saadi, Volunteer Reporter